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Wavy Seals Elite is all about helping you  learn to record and  mix better, faster. Our community will support you on your audio engineering journey to make amazing music and other audio productions. No matter where you are now in your career, we can help you get further.

  • $30.00/month, billed monthly

    • Expert Masterclasses
    • Weekly Live Q&A Sessions
    • Professional Mix Reviews
    • Exclusive members only content
    • High Value Giveaways
    • No Access to all archived content
    • No Access to Exclusive multitrack sessions
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  • $22.92/month, billed annually

    • Expert Masterclasses
    • Weekly Live Q&A Sessions
    • Professional Mix Reviews
    • Exclusive members only content
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    • Access to all archived content
    • Access to Exclusive multitrack sessions
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A Genuine Community Of Audio Enthusiasts

  • Daron Mixsa - Audio Engineer

    If you want to learn how to record, mix, and master join the Wavy seals. We have engineers from beginners to seasoned.When you join the Wavy seals, you are in a comfortable setting to enhance your skills.

  • ALXx Moore - Producer

    Joining the Wavy Seals has been a game-changer for me.If you're passionate about audio, this community is the perfect place to connect, learn, and thrive together.

  • Big Ben - Audio Engineer

    The Wavy Seals Elite is a great community that offers something no other platform offers, including live mixing critiques special guest speakers, and mixing advice on your mix, as well as live Q&As. If your looking for a place to grow as an audio engineer, this is the place you want to be.

Questions? We've Got You Covered! 👇

How does a Wavy Seals Elite membership enhance my experience?

Wavy Seals Elite membership elevates your experience by offering exclusive access to premium content, advanced training modules, and a thriving community of like-minded individuals.

What exclusive benefits come with a paid Wavy Seals Elite membership?

Our paid membership comes with a range of benefits, including early access to new content, priority registration for events, personalized coaching sessions, and members-only forum for networking and exclusive discounts.

Are there any discounts or special promotions available for new members?

New members receive a discounted first month and annual memberships include a special package to discounted audio software.

What kind of content and activities are exclusive to Wavy Seals elite members?

Wavy Seals Elite members enjoy access to premium content, live Q&A sessions with experts, virtual meetups, masterclasses, and specialized training that goes beyond what's available to the public.

Is there a trial period for the paid membership, and what does it include?

The first month is discounted and you can cancel at any time.

How often are new features or content added to the community for members?

We continuously update our community with fresh content and features. Expect regular additions to training materials, exclusive interviews, giveaways and opportunities to engage with experts in the industry.

Can I cancel my membership anytime, and what is the refund policy?

While we hope you'll love being a Wavy Seals Elite member, you can cancel your membership at any time. Check our refund policy for details on potential reimbursements.

Are there any community guidelines or rules members need to follow?

To maintain a positive and collaborative environment, we have community guidelines in place. Members are encouraged to respect these rules to ensure a welcoming and supportive community for everyone.