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Polo G Type Template for Studio One

Polo G Type Template for Studio One


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Polo G has a unique melodic hip-hop vocal style that this recording and mixing template helps to capture.

Studio One Professional version 4 or later is required


*For full compatibility be sure that you have these Waves Plugins: RVOX, DeEssser, REQ 6, C4, Vitamin, RDeEsser, RCompressor, H-Delay, S1 Imager, Doubler 2,  and L2... The R stands for Renaissance.

---Here the link to all the Waves Plugins. This leads directly to a bundle, or you can search them one by one.

*Add this link if you need help installing the plugins:

*You will also need Auto-Tune Pro and Auto-Key from Antares. If you have a different version of auto tune, you will need to adjust the settings manually to taste. But if you know how to find the key, you don't need the Auto-Key plugin.

---Auto-Tune Unlimited:

*Smack is also used, but this is now a stock plugin in Pro Tools. So if you don't see it inside the plugin, just update your Pro Tools.

*I've also used ValhallaVintageVerb, but you can use the stock reverb as well.

*Fabfilter Saturn 2 is used, but not needed. The settings for this plugin are for Wavy Seals Elite members only. Click the link to join!


This product is made by Wavy Wayne and the artist mentioned has nothing to do with this product. The artist mentioned did not make this product, nor are they affiliated with this product in any way. This product is meant to create a sound that can be compared to the sound of the artist mentioned in the title. This product will not create the exact sound of the artist because this product was not made by the artist at all.