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Pro Tools Dolby Atmos Music Production Course

Pro Tools Dolby Atmos Music Production Course


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Level up your immersive audio skills today – dive into the world of Dolby Atmos Music Production with Wavy Wayne!

Partnering with Dolby, the Pro Tools Dolby Atmos Production course is tailor-made for professionals transitioning from traditional stereo and surround formats to Dolby Atmos mixing. It also caters to experienced Dolby mixers seeking to deepen their skills and adopt best practices. This comprehensive course thoroughly covers essential tools and professional workflows.

This offering combines materials from the PT205D and PT210D courses, providing you with a holistic learning experience. Successful completion of the course prepares you for the Pro Tools | Dolby Atmos Professional Certification exam. Upon passing, you'll be awarded the Avid Certified Professional: Pro Tools | Dolby Atmos certification credential.

Course Format

  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Format: Online/ Instructor-Led Training
  • Instructor: Wavy Wayne

Who Should Attend: This course is ideal for audio professionals, including:

  • Mixing engineers
  • Audio studio technicians
  • Audio professionals
  • Facility owners
  • Game audio designers

What You Will Learn: The course covers essential and advanced Dolby Atmos mixing topics, including:

  • Components of a Dolby Atmos content creation studio
  • Dolby Atmos content creation signal flow
  • Renderer configurations and associated workflows
  • Pro Tools configuration for Dolby Atmos production
  • Workflow features, such as multiple bed workflows and the Dolby Music Panner
  • Exporting Dolby Atmos Masters
  • Pro Tools techniques for working with Dolby Atmos beds and objects
  • Importing and exporting ADM BWF Dolby Atmos content

Prerequisites: Professionals attending the course are recommended to have:

  • Experience using Pro Tools | Ultimate software
  • Proficiency in Pro Tools system configuration, including I/O Setup, Playback Engine, Session Setup, and Peripherals dialog boxes
  • Understanding of traditional post-production workflows
  • Knowledge of session and media management
  • Mastery of mix signal flow
  • Familiarity with post-production mix techniques
  • Speaker calibration and loudness targets understanding
  • Working knowledge of fundamental surround mixing concepts
  • Completion of Pro Tools Fundamentals I & II courses or equivalent knowledge/industry experience

What You Will Need: To participate in this course, you will need:

  • Pro Tools | Ultimate software
  • Dolby Production Suite software
  • Webex Meetings software with a web camera and microphone installed on your computer
  • Headphones
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Extended keyboard (recommended but not required)
  • At least 16 GB of RAM (recommended but not required)