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RME M-1610 Pro AD/DA Converter

RME M-1610 Pro AD/DA Converter


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Experience pristine audio conversion with the RME M-1610 Pro AD/DA Converter. This exceptional device is designed to provide professional-grade audio quality and versatile connectivity options, making it an essential tool for audio engineers, studios, and live sound applications. With its advanced features, transparent sound reproduction, and robust build, the M-1610 Pro sets a new standard in AD/DA conversion, ensuring your audio is captured and reproduced with utmost precision and fidelity.

Key features of the RME M-1610 Pro AD/DA Converter:

  • High-resolution audio conversion with support for up to 32-bit/768kHz sample rates, delivering exceptional sound quality and detail.
  • 16 channels of analog input and 16 channels of analog output, offering versatile connectivity options for a wide range of audio sources and devices.
  • Flexible digital connectivity including MADI, ADAT, and AVB, allowing seamless integration with various audio networks and protocols.
  • RME's renowned SteadyClock FS technology for ultra-low jitter and precise audio synchronization, preserving the integrity of your audio signals.
  • Rugged and reliable construction, built to withstand the demands of professional use in any environment.

The M-1610 Pro AD/DA Converter empowers you to achieve pristine audio conversion with ease. Whether you're working in the studio, in a live sound setup, or any professional audio environment, this converter ensures that your audio is captured and reproduced with exceptional clarity and precision. With its versatile connectivity options and reliable performance, the M-1610 Pro is your gateway to achieving professional-grade audio results. Elevate your audio production and experience the power of the RME M-1610 Pro AD/DA Converter.