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Vocal Production Toolbox - 6 Template Bundle + Mastering Tutorial for Pro Tools

Vocal Production Toolbox - 6 Template Bundle + Mastering Tutorial for Pro Tools


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This Tool Box packs some of todays hottest vocal and effect settings in 4 brand new templates and two bonus templates!!

The toolbox includes Way Wayne's Mastering Chain and an exclusive mastering tutorial!!! 

Pro Tools 10 or later is required

Template Descriptions:

Mastering Chain Template: This is the mastering chain I use for mastering in the box and is to be used once your mix is complete. Check the included video for complete instruction. 

Rihanna Type of Vocal Template: Use this template for the pop vocal sounds of Rihanna, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and similar female vocalist. 

Atlanta Trap Vocals Template: The big dirty sound you are looking for can be found with this template that has similar sounds of the South’s greats like: 2Chainz, The Migos, Young Thug, and others.

Juice WRLD Type of Vocal Template:  This is a very popular vibed out new school rap sound. Also great for a Weekend type of sound. 

Wavy Beat Making Template: I've created this template with the producer in mind. This template is designed to help you get started with quickly making beats in Pro Tools. I used stock Pro Tools virtual instruments for this one.

Wavy Stock Vocal Recording Template: This is the template I always use when recording and a great starting point for your mixes.


All recording and mixing scenarios vary you will need to make some adjustments for better results. Some of the 3rd party plugins used in these templates may not be included in your system. If you are not using AutoTune Pro, you will need to manually adjust the AutoTune settings. I have attached screenshots of the AutoTune Pro settings that were used. The Maximizer setting for the Mastering Template is also included.

Pro Tools 10 or later is required


*For full compatibility be sure that you have these Waves Plugins: LinEQ Lowband, S1 Imager, RVerb, REQ6, RDeEsser, RComp, RVox, H-Delay, Double 2, C4, L2, PuigTec MEQ5, PuigTec EQP1A, PAZ-Analyzer, MondoMod

 ---Here the link to all the Waves Plugins. This leads directly to a bundle, or you can search them one by one.

*Add this link if you need help installing the plugins:

*Also for iZotope: RX 5 De-noise and the Ozone 7 Maximizer

*Auto-Tune Pro from Antares is also used. If you already have another pitch correction plugin, that's fine as well.

---Auto-Tune Unlimited:


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