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Warm Audio

Warm Audio Bus-Comp 2-channel Stereo VCA Bus Compressor

Warm Audio Bus-Comp 2-channel Stereo VCA Bus Compressor


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The Warm Audio Bus-Comp is a two-channel stereo VCA (Voltage-Controlled Amplifier) bus compressor that brings the classic analog sound of vintage bus compressors to your audio setup. Designed for both professional studios and home recording environments, this compressor offers a warm and musical compression that can enhance the dynamics of your mixes with a touch of analog character.

Key features of the Warm Audio Bus-Comp:

  1. Dual-Channel Stereo Compression: The Bus-Comp provides two channels of compression, allowing you to process stereo audio sources with precision.

  2. VCA-Based Compression: It uses Voltage-Controlled Amplifiers, a classic analog technology, to deliver smooth and transparent compression.

  3. Variable Attack and Release: You have control over the attack and release times, enabling you to shape the compression characteristics to suit different audio sources.

  4. Sidechain High-Pass Filter: The built-in sidechain high-pass filter lets you tailor the compression response to focus on specific frequency ranges.

  5. Parallel Compression: The Mix control allows you to blend the compressed and uncompressed signals, providing parallel compression capability for creative sound shaping.

The Warm Audio Bus-Comp is a versatile tool for both subtle and pronounced dynamic control, making it an excellent choice for mastering, mix bus processing, and individual track compression. It's designed to add a touch of that classic analog warmth and color to your audio, helping you achieve that vintage sound in the digital age. Whether you're a seasoned engineer or just starting in audio production, the Bus-Comp can be a valuable addition to your studio setup.

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