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Warm Audio

Warm Audio WA73-EQ Microphone Preamp EQ

Warm Audio WA73-EQ Microphone Preamp EQ


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Unleash the power of classic analog sound with the Warm Audio WA73-EQ Microphone Preamp & EQ. This meticulously crafted preamp is your ticket to capturing rich, vintage tones that add warmth and character to your recordings. Whether you're tracking vocals, instruments, or any source that demands sonic excellence, the WA73-EQ is a versatile and essential tool for achieving professional-grade audio with a touch of nostalgic charm.

Explore the standout features that define the Warm Audio WA73-EQ Microphone Preamp & EQ:

  • Vintage-Style Preamplification: Benefit from the classic sound of the 1073-style preamp, renowned for its warmth, clarity, and musicality.
  • Cinemag Transformers: Immerse your audio in the lush harmonics produced by the Carnhill input and output transformers, adding depth and character to your recordings.
  • 3-Band EQ Section: Sculpt your sound with precision using the 3-band equalizer, providing versatile tone-shaping capabilities for a wide range of instruments and voices.
  • Stepped Gain Control: Dial in precise and repeatable gain settings with the stepped gain control, allowing you to capture the perfect level for any recording situation.
  • Front-Panel DI Input: Easily connect instruments directly to the front panel, making the WA73-EQ a versatile tool for both microphones and direct instrument signals.

The Warm Audio WA73-EQ Microphone Preamp & EQ isn't just a preamp; it's a sonic powerhouse that brings the coveted 1073-style sound to your recordings. Elevate your audio production, infuse your tracks with vintage warmth, and let the WA73-EQ be your trusted companion in the pursuit of exceptional sonic quality.