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Baby Audio

Baby Audio Atoms Physical Modeling Synthesizer Plug-in

Baby Audio Atoms Physical Modeling Synthesizer Plug-in


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Embark on a sonic journey like never before with Baby Audio's latest innovation — Atoms, a groundbreaking physical modeling synthesizer that seamlessly marries the organic richness of acoustic instruments with the boundless possibilities of contemporary synthesis. At the microscale, Atoms delivers a distinctive and rich character, capturing the nuanced vibrational subtleties inherent in true acoustic instruments. Its set of six variable parameters unlocks a realm of creative possibilities, enabling users to shape tones from ethereal, ambient pads to sharp, piercing stabs. Atoms transcends the traditional bounds of synthesizers, serving as a powerful tool for those eager to explore the intricate depths of unique sound sculpting.

Delve into the core features of Baby Audio's Atoms:

  • Physical Modeling Synthesis: Atoms employs an innovative mass and spring sound engine, triggered by a virtual bowing mechanism, faithfully replicating the nuanced response of authentic acoustic instruments.
  • Six Variable Parameters: Chaos, Order, Force, Overtones, Drive, and Filter parameters provide comprehensive tonal and dynamic control, fostering the creation of highly variable and bespoke soundscapes.
  • Dynamic Sound Shaping: Root and profile control, coupled with attack and release parameters, extend the sonic possibilities, facilitating the generation of tones spanning from gentle pads to incisive stabs.
  • Automation System: Atoms boasts a built-in automation system featuring four types, including polyphonic aftertouch, allowing for real-time parameter changes and dynamic sound manipulations.
  • Randomization Engine: Effortlessly summon new patches with a single click using the onboard randomization engine. The Recycling tool refines tones related to the current selection, adding a personalized touch to pre-made sounds.
  • Factory-Loaded Presets: Explore a curated collection of over 250 factory-designed presets for immediate playability and endless inspiration, covering a diverse spectrum of sonic possibilities.
  • Built-In Effects: Atoms comes equipped with internal reverb, modulation, and vibrato effects, ensuring an abundance of sound-sculpting opportunities for users to further refine and enhance their creative explorations.
  • Efficient Processing: Atoms offers monophonic/polyphonic mode control with an ECO mode for streamlined processing efficiency on both Windows and macOS platforms.

Elevate your sound design with Baby Audio's Atoms Physical Modeling Synthesizer — an avant-garde gateway to bold, supernatural sound creation. From lifelike acoustic simulations to dynamic and customizable parameters, Atoms provides an unparalleled experience for both seasoned professionals and enthusiasts alike. With over 250 presets and a comprehensive suite of effects at your fingertips, the creative possibilities are virtually boundless. Unleash your sonic potential and dive into a world of inspiration with Atoms. Now available for both Windows and macOS, this plug-in is poised to redefine your approach to synthesis.