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Boz Digital Labs

Boz Digital Labs David Bendeth's The Hoser XT Equalizer Plug-in

Boz Digital Labs David Bendeth's The Hoser XT Equalizer Plug-in


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Dive into the world of precision equalization with the Boz Digital Labs David Bendeth's The Hoser XT Equalizer Plug-in. Created in collaboration with renowned producer David Bendeth, this plugin emulates the distinct sound and functionality of a classic British console EQ, offering a versatile tool for shaping your audio with clarity and musicality.

Explore the standout features that set The Hoser XT apart:

  • Authentic British Console Sound: Capture the essence of a classic British console EQ, known for its musicality and warmth. The Hoser XT brings the iconic analog sound to your digital workspace, adding character and depth to your audio.

  • Intuitive Interface: The plugin features a straightforward and user-friendly interface, allowing you to easily navigate and control its various parameters. Adjust the bands, frequencies, and gain with precision to sculpt your sound.

  • Dual Channel Operation: Benefit from the dual-channel operation, emulating the behavior of stereo channels on a mixing console. This feature ensures consistency and coherence in your stereo tracks or mixes.

  • Saturation Control: Embrace the analog flavor with the built-in saturation control. Dial in just the right amount of harmonic content to add warmth and character to your tracks, reminiscent of vintage analog equipment.

  • Selectable Bandwidth: Customize the EQ response with selectable bandwidth options. Tailor the width of each band to suit your specific needs, whether you're making broad strokes or surgical adjustments.

The Boz Digital Labs David Bendeth's The Hoser XT Equalizer Plug-in is a powerful and versatile tool for both tracking and mixing applications. Whether you're enhancing individual tracks or refining the overall mix, this plugin provides the authentic British console EQ sound with the added convenience and flexibility of digital processing. Elevate your productions with the sonic character and precision control of The Hoser XT.