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Boz Digital Labs

Boz Digital Labs Pan Knob Plug-in

Boz Digital Labs Pan Knob Plug-in


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Take control of your stereo placement with the Boz Digital Labs Pan Knob Plug-in. This intuitive tool allows you to shape the stereo field of your audio effortlessly, providing precise panning control and enhancing the spatial characteristics of your mixes.

Explore the key features that make the Pan Knob a valuable addition to your mixing arsenal:

  • Intuitive Panning Control: The Pan Knob offers a simple yet powerful interface for adjusting the panning of your audio. Easily pan sounds left or right to create a balanced stereo image.

  • Mono Compatibility: Achieve mono compatibility by quickly and easily narrowing the stereo width with the Width control. This feature ensures that your mix translates effectively across various playback systems.

  • Visual Feedback: Stay informed about your panning settings with real-time visual feedback. The Pan Knob provides a clear representation of the panning position, allowing you to monitor and adjust with precision.

  • Automation-Ready: Integrate dynamic changes into your mix by automating the panning settings. This flexibility allows you to create movement and enhance the spatial dynamics of your audio over time.

  • Mono and Stereo Modes: The Pan Knob supports both mono and stereo modes, adapting to the specific needs of your tracks. Use it on individual channels, stereo buses, or the master bus for versatile panning control.

Whether you're working on individual tracks, enhancing stereo buses, or fine-tuning the overall mix, the Boz Digital Labs Pan Knob Plug-in is a simple yet effective tool for shaping the spatial characteristics of your audio. Add a new dimension to your mixes and achieve the desired stereo placement with the precision of the Pan Knob.