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Boz Digital Labs

Boz Digital Labs ProVocative Micro Pitch-shifting Plug-in

Boz Digital Labs ProVocative Micro Pitch-shifting Plug-in


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Elevate your vocal productions with the Boz Digital Labs ProVocative Micro Pitch-shifting Plug-in. This innovative tool brings a new dimension to your vocals, allowing you to add depth, character, and a touch of magic with precise and musical micro pitch-shifting.

Explore the key features that make ProVocative a standout in vocal processing:

  • Micro Pitch-shifting Control: ProVocative offers precise control over micro pitch-shifting, allowing you to add subtle nuances or create bold and expressive vocal effects. Dial in the perfect amount of pitch modulation to enhance the character and emotion of your vocals.

  • Vibrato Effect: Use ProVocative to introduce natural-sounding vibrato to your vocals. Control the speed and depth of the vibrato to tailor the effect to the specific needs of your performance.

  • Detune and Thickening: Achieve rich and lush vocal textures with the detune and thickening controls. Add width and warmth to your vocals, enhancing their presence in the mix.

  • Blend Control: The Blend control enables you to mix the processed and dry signals, providing seamless integration of the pitch-shifting effect into your vocal mix. This feature ensures that you can maintain the natural qualities of your vocals while enhancing them with ProVocative.

  • Visual Feedback: Stay informed about your pitch-shifting settings with real-time visual feedback. ProVocative provides a clear representation of the pitch modulation, vibrato, and blend settings, ensuring precise control over your vocal processing.

Whether you're working on lead vocals, harmonies, or background vocals, the Boz Digital Labs ProVocative Micro Pitch-shifting Plug-in is a versatile and creative tool for adding depth and character to your vocal productions. Unlock a world of vocal possibilities and bring your performances to life with the precision and musicality of ProVocative.