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Boz Digital Labs

Boz Digital Labs ReCoil Spring Reverb Plug-in

Boz Digital Labs ReCoil Spring Reverb Plug-in


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Immerse your tracks in the lush and vintage-inspired sound of spring reverb with the Boz Digital Labs ReCoil Spring Reverb Plug-in. This innovative tool captures the iconic warmth and character of classic spring reverb units, allowing you to infuse your mixes with the distinctive ambiance and depth that only spring reverb can provide.

Explore the key features that make ReCoil a standout in reverb processing:

  • Authentic Spring Reverb Emulation: ReCoil faithfully emulates the characteristics of classic spring reverb units, delivering the rich and distinctive sound that has been a staple in countless recordings.

  • Intuitive Interface: The user-friendly interface of ReCoil provides easy access to essential controls, including pre-delay, decay, tone, and mix. Adjust these parameters with precision to shape the reverb to suit the needs of your tracks.

  • Shake Control: Add realism and movement to your spring reverb with the Shake control. This feature emulates the mechanical vibrations of a physical spring reverb unit, providing a natural and dynamic touch to the reverb tail.

  • Damping Control: Tailor the tone of your reverb with the damping control. Adjust the high-frequency decay to achieve the perfect balance between brightness and warmth in your reverb sound.

  • Visual Feedback: Stay informed about your reverb settings with real-time visual feedback. ReCoil provides a clear representation of the decay, pre-delay, and mix settings, ensuring that you can monitor and adjust with accuracy.

Whether you're working on vocals, guitars, drums, or the overall mix, the Boz Digital Labs ReCoil Spring Reverb Plug-in is a versatile and powerful tool for adding the authentic sound of spring reverb to your recordings. Bring a touch of vintage warmth and ambiance to your mixes with the classic sound of ReCoil.