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FabFilter Pro-G Gate / Expander Plug-in

FabFilter Pro-G Gate / Expander Plug-in


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Step into a world of precise dynamic control with the FabFilter Pro-G Gate/Expander Plug-in – a versatile tool designed to shape and refine your audio with surgical precision. Tailored for musicians, producers, and sound engineers, Pro-G goes beyond traditional gating, offering intelligent and transparent dynamics processing for a wide range of applications.

Uncover the capabilities of FabFilter Pro-G:

  • Intelligent Gate/Expander: Harness the power of intelligent dynamic processing with Pro-G, providing advanced gating and expansion capabilities that adapt to the unique characteristics of your audio.
  • Versatile Side Chain: Unlock creative possibilities with Pro-G's versatile side chain options, allowing you to trigger the gate or expander based on a different track or frequency for nuanced dynamic control.
  • Interactive Display: Visualize your dynamic adjustments in real-time with Pro-G's interactive display, offering a clear representation of the gating and expansion parameters for precise control.
  • Expertly Crafted Algorithms: Experience seamless dynamic control with Pro-G's expertly crafted algorithms, ensuring transparent gating and expansion that enhances your audio without artifacts.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate the intricacies of dynamic processing with ease using Pro-G's user-friendly interface, designed for efficient workflow while providing in-depth control over your gating parameters.

FabFilter Pro-G isn't just a gate/expander; it's a dynamic sculptor designed to bring clarity and precision to your audio. Whether you're eliminating unwanted noise, shaping transients, or adding subtle dynamic nuances, Pro-G offers the intelligence and versatility needed to achieve exceptional results. Elevate your dynamic control with the FabFilter Pro-G Gate/Expander Plug-in.