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Waves BSS DPR-402 Stereo Dynamics Plug-in

Waves BSS DPR-402 Stereo Dynamics Plug-in


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The Waves BSS DPR-402 Stereo Dynamics Plug-in faithfully emulates the iconic hardware unit developed by BSS Audio, offering musicians, producers, and engineers a versatile tool for dynamic processing and control. Renowned for its transparent compression and dynamic equalization capabilities, the DPR-402 plugin provides users with the ability to shape and enhance the dynamics of stereo audio signals with precision and ease.

Key Features of the Waves BSS DPR-402 Stereo Dynamics Plug-in:

  • Transparent Compression: Harness the power of transparent compression to control the dynamics of stereo audio signals with precision and finesse. The DPR-402 plugin faithfully emulates the dynamics processing capabilities of the original hardware unit, allowing users to achieve smooth and natural-sounding compression effects without compromising the integrity of their audio.

  • Dynamic Equalization: Take control of the frequency balance of your audio signals with dynamic equalization capabilities. The DPR-402 plugin features a built-in dynamic equalizer that allows users to apply frequency-dependent compression and expansion, enabling precise shaping of the frequency response based on the input signal's dynamics.

  • Versatile Dynamics Processing: Explore a wide range of dynamic processing options with the DPR-402 plugin's comprehensive feature set. From gentle compression and expansion to aggressive peak limiting and de-essing, this plugin offers versatile tools for shaping the dynamics of stereo audio signals in a variety of musical and audio production contexts.

  • Intuitive Interface: Seamlessly integrate the DPR-402 plugin into your workflow with its intuitive interface and user-friendly controls. The plugin features familiar knobs, buttons, and meters that make it easy to dial in the desired settings and achieve professional-quality results quickly and efficiently.

  • Flexible Routing and Sidechain Options: Customize the processing behavior of the DPR-402 plugin with flexible routing and sidechain options. Whether you're working on stereo mixes, individual tracks, or subgroups, this plugin offers versatile routing and sidechain capabilities that allow you to tailor the dynamics processing to suit your specific needs.

Experience the power and versatility of dynamic processing with the Waves BSS DPR-402 Stereo Dynamics Plug-in. With its transparent compression, dynamic equalization, versatile feature set, intuitive interface, and flexible routing options, this plugin is an essential tool for musicians, producers, and engineers seeking professional-quality dynamics processing for stereo audio signals.

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