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Waves CLA Vocals Plug-in

Waves CLA Vocals Plug-in


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The Waves CLA Vocals Plug-in is a versatile tool designed in collaboration with Grammy-winning mixer Chris Lord-Alge, tailored to enhance the clarity, presence, and impact of vocal performances. With a suite of processing tools specifically designed for vocals, this plug-in empowers you to achieve professional-grade vocal mixes with precision and ease.

Explore the features of the Waves CLA Vocals Plug-in:

  • Customized Vocal Processing: Immerse yourself in a collection of meticulously designed presets and processing chains curated by Chris Lord-Alge. This plug-in offers a versatile selection of tools and effects tailored for vocals, including EQ, compression, saturation, and more, allowing you to shape and refine your vocal tracks with precision.

  • Signature Sound: Experience the iconic vocal sound of Chris Lord-Alge, renowned for its clarity, warmth, and impact. Each preset and processing chain in this plug-in is meticulously crafted by Chris himself, ensuring that you can achieve the same legendary vocal tones in your own mixes.

  • Intuitive Controls: Fine-tune your vocal mixes effortlessly using the plug-in's intuitive controls for parameters such as EQ, compression, de-essing, and more. Whether you're enhancing the tone of lead vocals, refining background harmonies, or adding vocal effects, these controls offer responsive adjustments for maximum creative expression.

  • Professional Results: Elevate your vocal mixes with professional-grade results that meet the highest standards of quality and excellence. With the Waves CLA Vocals Plug-in, you can add clarity, depth, and character to your vocal tracks, ensuring they stand out in any musical genre or production context.

Discover the power of the Waves CLA Vocals Plug-in and bring the legendary vocal sound of Chris Lord-Alge to your own productions. Immerse yourself in the world of CLA vocal processing and take your vocal mixes to new heights with the Waves CLA Vocals Plug-in today.

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